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War agent pc game Download

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War agent pc game Crack Download
War agent pc game Download
War Agent could be a dark and brutal game of time period profiteering. Players should manage weapon sales to 2 nations that maintain the government’s interest, nevertheless don’t push the opposition to defeat, lest the war conclude and your business disappear. the first screen shows the battle flowering with one aspect pushing the opposite, whereas you faucet the money bubbles before your business associates to gather profits. Players should conjointly offer funding to the media to secure positive public sentiment, and lobby each governments to make sure call manufacturers area unit on board. often a competition can arrange to mustelid into your business, thus check that you retain exploit new exciting product for your customers. The sinister goal here is to make sure the war continues for as long as attainable, however inevitably, one aspect can either surrender or be defeated. War Agent could be a cold game of balance that you just won’t presently forget.
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The muted colours, serious subject material, associate degreed bureaucracy-based gameplay of War Agent build it an aesthetic successor to last year’s Papers, Please.  At a look, you may expect War Agent to try to to for war profiteering what Papers, Please did to immigration: flip it into a slow, deliberate game of uncomfortable selections.  That game might need terminated up being really expert, however War Agent makes a refreshing call to travel the alternative direction and switch it into a game of twitch reflexes and snap deciding.  As a result War Agent is completely its own game, one that may be fascinating however ultimately winds up being a really easy game.
At the start of War Agent, there area unit 2 functionally identical nations getting ready for war:  the Red nation and also the Blue nation.  Your goal as a war profiteer is to stay their war going for as long as attainable by merchandising them equally matched weapons and stifling dissent in every of their homelands.  The gameplay is split across 5 screens:  a central, period field of battle screen and 4 menus that area unit accessible from every direction of the field of battle screens.  From the menus, you’ll be able to purchase new sorts of weapons and manipulate the govt of every nation.  On the field of battle screen, the tide of battle is described by a line that moves back associate degreed forth across the field of battle at an progressively speedy pace because the efficiency of your weapons advances.  If the road ever touches either fringe of the screen, the war is over.  At constant time, you have got to handle the rising war-weariness of each nations’ voters because the war drags on for years.
Keeping the war going is a lot of of a reflex-based equalisation act than a rigorously musical group strategy. a tangle arises and you solve it with many faucets during a few seconds. every war is meant to be contend as a standalone session, and your overall goal is to urge the best score attainable and unlock achievements. the majority of the gameplay consists of merchandising weapons to every aspect by sound their buttons at all-time low of the field of battle screen. on every occasion you hit one in all the buttons, you’ll be paid a unsteady rate that depends on however badly the state wants your weapons. you’ll be able to undoubtedly game the nations for more cash by waiting to sell till they get desperate, however at constant time you’ll be touch each buttons a lot of or less perpetually due to however fast the tides of war flip. after you have dissent issues, you’ll be able to quell them by jumping over to either nation’s land screen and assassinating somebody necessary.  It’s fun, however it’s terribly efficient and a lot of targeted on alittle variety of choices that reward your temporal arrangement.

War agent pc game Crack Download

War agent pc game Crack Download

War agent pc game Crack Download

War agent pc game Crack Download

File name
war agent
File size
77 MB 
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Pentium 4 1.0GHz
1GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Free Disk Space
300 MB
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War agent

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