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Lili child of geos PC game Download

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Lili child of geos PC game Download
Lili child of geos PC game Download
Lili may be a way-out journey RPG hybrid for gamers of all ages. On the mysterious island of Geos, Lili can meet variety of crazy people, explore lovely environments ANd even challenge an oppressive regime or 2 on her approach. Lili uses AN amusing “non-combat” system for managing enemies, and, in her self-examining approach, types out some personal problems permanently live.Lili: kid of Geos is AN odd very little game that originally launched for iOS. Upon transportation the expertise to computer, developer BitMonster dressed the sport and launched it on Steam. Being conscious of the game’s history helps justify why some aspects still don’t feel quite right. In either case, taking part in Lili provides AN expertise in contrast to most everything else on the market (PC, mobile, or otherwise).
In Lili: kid of Geos, you play as a young life scientist named Lili. She has simply been sent to the purportedly abandoned island Geos as a part of a college research. Of course, as presently as Lili arrives she finds that the island is something however empty. Strange wood creatures mill regarding the varied cities and discuss what’s on their minds. though her goal is just to gather samples of flowers and head back home, Lili lands up obtaining trapped within the affairs of Geos’ locals.
Your journey still will accommodates collection copious amounts of flowers, though. several is nabbed from the edges of roadways however rarer red flowers area unit solely out there from missions and enemy encounters. Most missions area unit inessential to complete the sport however facilitate pad out the otherwise terribly transient expertise. These involve looking for specific characters, taking photos of locations, and one or two of different one-time requests. voters in each sector have missions to complete and frequently contain goals to their own city.
Usually, battles area unit the thanks to keep the plot line progressing. There area unit 2 categories of “people” in Geos: slaves and oppressors. Of course, during this principally child-friendly game they are going by the names Constructs and Spirits. Your goal is to defeat Spirits essentially anytime you see them. they have an inclination to run regarding city merely being jerks. Once noticed, Lili should jump onto their back and choose the flowers that spurt from their head. it’s improbably odd, ANd is wherever the sport reveals itself as an iOS port.
Pulling the flowers is accomplished by clicking and dragging on them before Lili’s grip strength dissipates. this is able to possible be terribly straightforward to accomplish on AN iPad, however takes slightly a lot of follow with a mouse. Not solely should you nab enough flowers before the time runs out, however players should even be cautious of dangerous thorns and bombs. the very fact that Spirits thrash their heads around wildly conjointly doesn’t facilitate one to rigorously hone in on flowers.
There’s not a lot of to Lili: kid of Geos on the far side that in terms of gameplay. It plays only enough to cater to a young audience. The art vogue is additionally terribly appealing to kids (or anyone, honestly). The art vogue is colourful, creative, and extremely lulls one into the strange island. The graphics area unit beautiful enough to form it seem to be this game was designed with computer in mind. for a few reason Lili may collect hats, masks, and outfits to more immerse herself into the locus.

Lili child of geos PC game Download

Lili child of geos PC game Download

Lili child of geos PC game Download

File name
lili child of geos
File size
101 MB 
Windows XP, Vista or All Windows
Pentium 4 1.0GHz
1GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Free Disk Space
256 MB
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Lili child of geos

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Lili child of geos

Updated: May 18, 2014 — 6:35 am

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