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Hulk PC game Download

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Hulk PC game Download
Hulk PC game Download
Hulk may be a game sequel supported the 2003 show of identical name. it absolutely was developed by Radical diversion and printed by Vivendi Universal Games & Universal Interactive. A signature feature has Eric Bana reprises his role of Bruce Banner.Set eight years when the film (as indicated once Bruce Banner claims that his time in South America was sort of a vacation, as seen at finish of the film) the sport begins in an exceedingly dream sequence wherever a person named Bruce Banner transforms into an outsized and powerful monster dubbed the Hulk and destroys waves of troopers and tanks sent by the military to attack him. Upon arousal, Bruce Banner is contacted by his recent mentor Dr. Crawford WHO explains that he has developed a cure for the Hulk referred to as the Gamma Orb. sadly, military troops junction rectifier by the corrupt General John Ryker have raided the research laboratory.
Bruce Banner sneaks into the research laboratory and discovers that General Ryker needs to get the Gamma Orb. when reaching Dr. Crawford, Bruce permits his recent mentor to use the Gamma Orb on him, however Crawford uses it to steal the Hulk’s energy. Crawford touches the Orb and absorbs a district of Bruce Banner’s power reworking himself into a Hulk-like creature referred to as Ravage. at the same time, Banner transforms into the Hulk.
After a chase of Ravage over rooftops and thru sewers with Ryker’s forces in hot pursuit, Hulk finds himself at a dead finish wherever he’s ambushed by the evil spirit Half-Life. Hulk defeats Half-Life WHO explains that Ravage has taken the orb to Alcatraz however can kill a surety there if the Hulk is detected.
Bruce infiltrates Alcatraz that has been in secret occupied by the Leader and his personal army. Bruce deactivates the Gamma detection device employing a security terminal that shows live footage of a Gamma chamber wont to change the Leader’s henchmen into Gamma-irradiated super troopers. It additionally shows the Leader’s psychotic brother sufferer taking the surety Betty Ross to the irradiation chamber when being ordered by a mysterious voice to “dispose” of her once she refuses to any aid them in their schemes.
Seeing Betty in distress causes Bruce to remodel into the Hulk decimating the analysis facilities and defeating sufferer when disabling the irradiation chamber. Betty tells the Hulk that she has been exposed to the gamma ray and should be taken to the military Gamma base.
The Leader uses the orb to cure the Hulk, however so as to avoid wasting humanity from the Leader’s Gamma army, Bruce sacrifices his own, and when touching the Orb he unleashes the Hulk, WHO beats the Leader despite his powerful psychic attacks. As New Freehold begins to collapse, the Leader escapes by teleporting himself. The Hulk manages to achieve the transport chamber, however he encounters one final fight with sufferer. when defeating sufferer, the Hulk teleports himself and escapes.
Hulk PC game Download

Hulk PC game Download

Hulk PC game Download

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Windows XP, Vista or All Windows
Pentium 4 1.0GHz
1GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Free Disk Space
256 MB
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