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Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game Download

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Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game crack Download
Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game Download
Battle evil as recent as time itself and save humans from evil  forces during this thrilling hidden object adventure! Kate could be a fashionable girl WHO still suffers from nightmares regarding her mother’s death years earlier at the hands of a alarming monster. once a visit to a healer, her life takes a unexpected and sudden flip once additional of the creatures show up at her housing door, out to killing her, too. within the tradition of well-liked action films that includes sturdy feminine characters, guide Kate through associate exhilarating escape sequence then be part of her on a motivating journey of discovery as she becomes a part of a secret order of feminine warriors WHO struggle against these dark forces to avoid wasting humans. Learn to use her weapon, the Chakram, to not solely eviscerate evil however additionally solve puzzles, return in time to once the Order was young to chop off the demons at their knees, and solve the mystery of Kate’s wonderful destiny. filled with wealthy interactivity, beautiful animation, and distinctive hidden object scenes, Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows can becharm you from setting out to end!
Join Kate Evans within the fight to avoid wasting humans from evil  forces as a part of a secret order of feminine warriors. Learn to use the Chakram to defeat evil, solve puzzles, and travel back in time to the first days of the order within the distinctive, action film-style hidden object journey Dark Angels – Masquerade of Shadows.
Kate has been haunted by nightmares during which she sees her mother’s death at the hands of a alarming monster. A scientist explains to Kate that her nightmares ar merely recollections of a thief that Kate’s mind has became one thing horrific. However, Kate is aware of higher. Even in modern-day, forces of evil ar a universal fact; unleashing darkness upon humans. whereas there ar those that fight against the evil  forces and save the planet from losing its grip on humanity. Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows brings one amongst those legends wherever the nice should fight the evil, and delivers the planet a savior. With its puzzle theme and a really thorough hidden object gameplay, Dark Angels is one more journey game by Alawar that sparkles nice promise.Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows stars Kate Evans, a designer who’s laid low with ugly nightmares. She keeps seeing her mother’s death and horrible demon faces. being incoherent whereas those nightmares appear awfully real, she consults with a scientist. however things begin worsen from there. Faces that wont to seem solely in her dreams currently show up all over she appearance. presently she realizes that it’s not associate illusion and she or he should get away this reality. Her escape, however, drags her to an odd cluster of individuals WHO calls themselves the Keepers, of that she’s meant to be one amongst. Kate sets dead set visit the past to rescue her mother and defeat the forces of evil. Her journey is poised with varied puzzles and dangerous things ahead.Gameplay of Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows could be a mix of various forms of puzzles motor-assisted with finding the hidden objects. The story progresses once a puzzle is resolved and virtually all of them needs Kate to search out explicit objects. in contrast to most games of this genre, hidden objects here ar found by conducting bound interactions. If Kate is to search out a key to unlock one thing, she should undergo series of sequences that leads her thereto key; gap no matter has to be unlatched is another story. These series of sequences to perform associate action ar pleasant largely at the start, however presently grow annoying. fortuitously there’s a touch choice for those that ar impatient that grants directions or instantly solves a puzzle. the employment of Chakram, a weapon to kill demons, is a remarkable addition to the sport. With frustratingly precise management with the mouse Chakram will hit the enemies. dominant get easier, however, once Kate douses herself with magic potions.
In Dark Angels, players need to select dialog choices throughout conversations, however the answers ar continually foreseeable. whereas the spoken communication feature doesn’t proceed its favor, the game, however, will a good job with its look. eventualities ar spirited then is that the voice-over. Even in its most frustrating moments, observing the visuals ne’er get dreary as they’re fantastically crafted. perhaps not all, however in most cases eventualities ar precise thoroughly. Background music feels normal, however fits the gameplay well.
Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game crack Download

Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game crack Download

Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game crack Download

Dark angels masquerade of shadows PC game crack Download

File name
Dark angels masquerade of shadows
File size
498 MB 
Windows XP, Vista or All Windows
Pentium 4 1.0GHz
1GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Free Disk Space
256 MB
Download From
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Dark angels masquerade of shadows game Download
Dark angels masquerade of shadows

Updated: May 13, 2014 — 6:09 am

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