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7th Legion PC game Download

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7th Legion PC game Download
7th Legion PC game Download
7th Legion… well, this game is somewhat like Command & Conquer. “Yes, another C&C clone,” you’ll suppose, however this game is somewhat distinctive in an exceedingly method.
The story is concerning 2 factions, the seventh Legion and also the Chosen. It takes place in an exceedingly future during which the world has been overpopulated and its precious natural resources ar running out! several scientists broadcast warnings of close at hand doom! The governments of Earth enact the sprightliness – the Planetary Evacuation Program – to soundly get everybody off Earth into area on huge Colony ships, so giving the world an opportunity to heal.
However, after they aforementioned “everyone,” they did not mean the complete population, and there was even a lottery that was created to check UN agency would be lucky enough to flee the mass famine and chaos that was to return sooner or later. It quickly became apparent to several folks that solely the foremost worthy specimens of the civilization – the good, powerful, and made – were progressing to get aboard one in all those ships making ready to leap into hyperspace.
In the centuries following the evacuation, abundant of Earth’s population perished. The survivors, the somewhat scattered tribes of these left behind, started forming themselves into seven “Legions,” all vying for management of what was left. The events of the past, the PEP, and also the evacuation all clouded into story and legend. the foremost well-known legend tells of the “Returning,” a time of war, once the Chosen can come to assert the world, with 3 signs signal their return: The Night while not Darkness, The Day while not light-weight, and also the Rain of fireplace.
As the game begins, the seventh generation of the Chosen, those descended from the evacuees, have came as once aforementioned, and ar ready to form war on the descendants of these left behind, UN agency have united below the banner of the foremost powerful of all the legions: the seventh Legion, thence the game’s title!
The game will have a Command & Conquer feeling, however you do not collect resources; you get them each couple of minutes, and combat is somewhat totally different due to power cards and power-ups. Power cards will either be positive or negative to the player or the enemy! additionally, power-ups ar crates scattered round the map which might embody physical property, rapid-fire, or the power to impose additional injury if collected by a unit. once a unit collects a crate, any near  units close to the crates additionally receive the bonus!
What sets seventh Legion except for most Command & Conquer clones is that the player and his enemy will use power cards. this stuff ar at the highest right of the screen, and you primarily drag one in all them to a friendly or enemy unit, wherever it’ll have AN effect: some cards destroy or injury units and a few is also useful in different ways that, like creating the units invisible or stronger in battle! additionally, in contrast to in most games during which you collect credits, during this game you receive an exact quantity each couple of minutes. the bottom quantity is 7500, however this may increase if you kill a lot of enemy troops. you furthermore mght will get special orders which is able to tell you, as an example, to destroy many of their troops or buildings, and reciprocally, you may receive a pleasant quantity of bonus credits!
The game encompasses a few flaws, like one in all the first issues at intervals the RTS genre: unit pathfinding. Sometimes, if you decide on an excellent quantity of units all at once they’ll split everywhere the map if not controlled properly. Another one is that if you’re facing the central processing unit in an exceedingly skirmish battle, it can be a little too simple for AN RTS knowledgeable. If you recognize the way to play this game well you’ll win in 10 minutes approximately, however except for that, the sport is extremely sensible. Despite its flaws, this game will be quite fun!
Century of reckless consumption and population crystal rectifier the Earth’s scheme to the brink of collapse. In desperation, the governments of the globe have developed a program of heavenly body evacuation, that is given solely the foremost privileged sections of society. Poor and standard voters were to die. currently a century later, “Selected” determined to come to Earth and take hold. however there’s one downside seventh Legion waiting with a bright flame and “Welcome home” barbecue planned in their honor.

7th Legion PC game Download

7th Legion PC game Download

7th Legion PC game Download

File name
7th Legion
File size
Windows XP, Vista or All Windows
Pentium 4 1.0GHz
1GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Free Disk Space
256 MB
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7th Legion

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7th Legion

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