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Watch Dogs PC Game Download

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Watch Dogs pc free download
Watch Dogs pc Game download

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s next huge venture, and while many compared it to a modern days Assassin’s Creed after they saw the primary footage from it, this latest trailer brings another series to mind: theft motor vehicle.
The game is supposed to have your hero, Aiden Pierce, use technology to hack into anything and everything within the city of Chicago to assist together with his law enforcement, however this latest spot, “Out of management,” appears to point that in some ways, this is still considerably a conventional action game.
Cars square measure jacked, crashed and blown up. Enemies square measure crushed or riddled with bullets. really the sole time I saw hacking used was to grow dividers from the road to crash police cars (which was very cool).
Not to say this is dangerous. the sport appearance rather fantastic, and if this really is gameplay footage and not pre-staged events, it appears way more realistic than theft motor vehicle or different games adore it. That said, i am hoping for a particular intellectual angle mistreatment the promised hacking that can create these types of fights and chases quite customary action game fare.
With this trailer also comes news of a unharness date, Nov twenty first. As most aaa titles tend to gather close to the tail end of the year, that ought to come as no surprise. however remember we’re also expecting that the PS4 and Xbox urban center (Infinity?) are out around that point, and Watch Dogs will (more than likely) be available for those consoles in addition.
In addition, four Collector’s Editions of the game have been unveiled: the Dedsec Edition, the vigilante Edition, the Uplay Exclusive Edition and the Special Edition.
The Dedsec Edition is that the massive one, and includes a figurine of player character Aiden Pearce, a steelbook and collector box, artbook and audio recording, four increased reality collectible cards and 3 badges, likewise as a map of the game’s Chicago. additionally, 3 single player missions are going to be provided as digital content, adding around Associate in Nursing hour of extra gameplay; the Palace Pack, centred on a police raid of an online mogul; Signature Shot, coping with a life science weapon black-market into Chicago; and the Breakthrough Pack, which tasks you with outing the criminals holding company CEOs to ransom.
The vigilante Edition comes with a collector box, Aiden’s cap and mask, and the game’s audio recording together with the Palace Pack mission, the Uplay Exclusive Edition comes with the steelbook and the 3 single player missions mentioned higher than and, finally, the Special Edition comes with the Breakthrough pack.
A new trailer’s additionally been free to celebrate the announcement. what’s fascinating though is that it lists the release date, followed by the strapline “also coming back to current generation consoles”; will this mean the PlayStation four and next Xbox can be out around that date? Seeing as Black friday follows shortly when, it’s actually wanting possible.
Watch Dogs system requirements (minimum)
            CPU: Intel Core i3 or i5 dual core processor or better
            RAM: 1GB
            Graphics: 512 MB RAM, Nvidia 7-series, AMD 3000-series
            Operating system: Windows Vista
            14 GB of hard drive space
Watch Dogs system requirements (recommended)
            CPU: Quad core Intel Core i5 or i7 processor 
            RAM: 2GB (4GB for 64-bit OS)
            Graphics: 1GB Video RAM, Nvidia 500 / AMD 6000 series.
            Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
            14 GB of hard drive space
File name
Watch Dogs pc game
File size
 3 GB
Microsoft Windows XP/vista/7/8
Pantium IV
  2 GB
Free Dsk Space
 14 GB
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Sreenshots :

Watch Dogs pc game free download (

Watch Dogs pc game free download (

Watch Dogs pc game free download (

Watch Dogs pc game free download (

Watch Dogs pc game free download

Watch Dogs pc game free download (

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Updated: May 2, 2013 — 7:59 pm


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  1. i have 2.7 ghz extream core 2 64 bit processor
    4 gb ram
    2 gb graphics card
    windows 8
    is this game will work on my pc ?!!!

  2. how to install this game !!!
    the blue screen appears after extracting game exe !!!!
    plz help !!!"

    1. Installation Steps:

      1) Download the torrent.

      2) Mount the Iso File.

      3) Copy the Extracted Files in the Drive.

      4) Play.

    2. c drive… 1st extract the file this file is in iso
      i play this game… i install this game properly in 1st time and no problem made with me

    3. which drive ??!!!….plz explain sir !!!!

  3. i installed properly….but
    after clicking on WDbuild a blue error screen appears !!!
    i have added the screenshot of tht error on ur google account…plz check !!!!

  4. plz help me out !!!!!!!!!!!
    i really love this game !!!! plz dont disapoint me !!!

    1. Tell me the problem u face ? is the game install properly or not ????

    1. If i am right so your pc have not enough memory for this game.So please upgrade your pc components this is a reason why your computer always crashed.

  5. I'm already waited long for this game, whether there is survey on the file? or the file in lock with password? and associated password obtained from website who contained survey? please fast be answered! because I really like this game!
    Thank you very much

    I am sorry if my english bad.

    1. no survey all you need is just intall utorrent for download this game

    2. Thank you, and now I've downloaded this file via but now I am facing the same problem with SUFIYAN SATKUT. What should I do? Without upgrading my computer please help me!!

  6. that is the link to download it…???plz give me the link

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. size still 3.5gb after extracting, and bluescreen appears after i click WDbuild…. plz help me

    1. Download Crack and Install For remove This Problem 🙂
      Then enjoy This game 🙂

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. My computer has a intel graphics, core i5 processor, windows 7 x64 and 4gb of ram can I use it in this machine?!?!

    1. yess thats stats is very good for play this game 🙂

    2. Yeah, thanks then to down load and play it lol |..|_

  11. Help me please, after extracting, and bluescreen appears and when I click download crack all that irritating things survey comes. please help me to get the crack.

  12. password for the crack zip file….surveys are not workig….i completed alll surveys but the password was a blank page..plzhelp

  13. i have this problem to. what should i need to do to get this blue box away and start play the game?

  14. Raman sir, I m downloading the game currently…what about the crack file as it asks for password…I completed all the surveys yet I couldn't find the password for the crack file. Does the ISO file contain the crack or not in it….please update me about it….as the crack link asks for password…..BY Vamsi

  15. my specs is intel dual core 3.0 ghz 2gb ram and nvidia gt210 1gb can i play it

  16. Where is the ISO file??? I coudn't find it!!! pls help

  17. when i click download crack option on this page the surveys appear…. please help me….

  18. yes, well, err… ok thanks for the game and all that stuff, but… As I see, there isn't an answer for the most important question, and its: what about the survey fake stuff? where is the fucking crack? an answer would be great

  19. no password after completing surveys…….it says password has been removed unfurtunaly:(

  20. are you fucking kidding me !!!! after i download 3 gb this shit didnt start blue screen and the shity crack u have need a key and the damn website need survy to download the key !!!! u are such and asshole

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