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The Star Forge Pc Game Download

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The Star Forge Pc Game full version

The Star Forge was an enormous automatic shipyard, designed to create the most powerful army of all time, constructed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire in 30,000 BBY, 5 thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Republic. The Star Forge John Drew energy and matter from a close-by star which, once combined with the ability of the Force, was capable of creating associate endless supply of ships, droids, and other war material. The Rakata, conjointly referred to as “The Builders,” constructed the massive space station through the utilization of slaves from several subject worlds including Belsavis, Corellia, Coruscant, Dantooine, Drall, Duro, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Selonia, Sleheyron, Malastare, and Tatooine. This technological marvel came at a terrible cost, as the Rakata were by nature a cruel and savage species; the Star Forge began feeding off these negative traits inherent in its creators. As a result the Star Forge became associate large tool of dark facet power.
The Star Forge, now a fusion of technology and dark facet energies, began corrupting the Rakata so as to gain the large power it required to work itself and ultimately caused the collapse of the Rakatan Empire. The semi-living superweapon’s ability to corrupt its users forced Darth Revan to limit his contact with the dark facet physical object to avoid allowing it to control him because it did the Rakatans
The size of the Star Forge was extraordinary for its time. Capital ships may easily move between the gaps of the 3 “fins” that radiated outwards from the central spherical structure. The fins extended downward to draw matter from the star of the Rakata system, mistreatment it to supply weapons and armament. whereas having few apparent docks for capital ships, several fighter craft and smaller freighters were able to dock at bays set on every of these fins.
Externally, the Star Forge possessed little defensive arms, however several turbolaser batteries positioned near its airdock bays. Instead it depended entirely on its large ship production capability as a way to defend itself. Internally, it was conjointly capable of producing thousands of battle droids for defense, and possessed several heavy blast doors that ran throughout the entire industrial plant. it was conjointly protected by a deadly ship-disabling energy field projected from Lehon’s Temple of the people on the Rakata homeworld near . the sector caused ships to malfunction and be captured in the planet’s gravity well, causation them coiling right down to the planet below.
Minimum System Requirements     
Windows System XP/XP64/Vista/7/8** OS (with the latest Service              Packs or updates)
Intel Core i5 CPU @ 2,4GHz
4 GB or more of RAM
Radeon HD 6470M video card or better
GB available HD space
Broadband Internet connection
File name
The Star Forge
File size
 200 MB
Microsoft Windows XP/vista/7/8
Pantium IV
 4 GB
Free Disk Space
 5 GB
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Star Forge Free Download pc game

Star Forge Free Download
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