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Monument valley PC game Download

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Monument valley PC game Download
Monument valley PC game Download
Monument depression has been out there for iOS for small over a month, however it’s already assembled around 1,000,000 downloads For What makes that figure even additional impressive? this is not a freemium game. No, folks ar shopping for and taking part in it . one thing concerning this strikingly lovely puzzle journey is attracting gamers by all odds.Monument Valley’s premise centers around guiding aristocrat UN agency through a world of not possible design by manipulating the point of view to manage optical illusions and make methods. the concept should not look all that unfamiliar  to anyone United Nations agency has contend Fez, however this is often not simply a straightforward clone. The mental imagery, the music, the puzzles, and also the entire expertise reveal a labor of affection.
The game does not contain any in-app purchases, thus four usd can grant you access to the whole package. there is not any demo either, however a link is on the market below for anyone who’s already impatient to offer this silent aristocrat a hand.
In my time taking part in video games, I’ve noticed  that games tend to interrupt down into 2 differing kinds, broadly. There ar games that lean additional on providing you with fascinating play mechanics and difficult you to master them so as to beat some style of challenge, associated there ar games that lean additional on the facet of providing you with an expertise. You get rare cases wherever the road is straddled fairly equally, except for the foremost half, games ar progressing to do one in every of those things alright and provides less attention to the opposite. each varieties have their fans, and lots of gamers love each, however once a game comes on that powerfully favors one sort and will it well, you regularly see confusion from the other camp. I say this as a result of although I expect it to urge lots of well-deserved praise, lots of individuals are not progressing to like Monument depression [$3.99] a great deal. Like last month’s Tengami [$4.99], it’s intensely targeted on delivering associate expertise, and it will thus stunningly well. Its specific game mechanics are done already, and done higher also. The mechanics guys and also the expertise guys ar progressing to have fight over this one.
In Monument depression, you play because the silent aristocrat. you’ve got to navigate through 10 levels, together with your main suggests that of interaction being the power to rotate the angle or flip sure components of the stage around. although things seem to be three-dimensional, you can’t trust your eyes. If a bit is connecting to a different piece, though it looks like it ought to be not possible in 3D terms, the items ar thought-about connected. If you have ever contend Echochrome or Fez, you will grasp what to expect here. the sport consists entirely of those traversal puzzles, however as none of them ar very difficult, they appear to serve additional as one thing to try and do together with your hands whereas you relish the sights, sounds, and story.There’s quite ton to relish therein regard. Monument depression is nearly impossibly attractive. nobody stage sounds like the other stage, and even at intervals the stages themselves, the design and feeling of the methods you walk will amendment terribly quickly. each screenshot sounds like a bit work of art, and seeing however items of the amount move could be a treat all on its own. one in every of the later stages within the game works one thing sort of a musical box, and also the means it all unfolds and moves as you push things around is elegant. to not be outdone, the sound style during this game is additionally outstanding. there is a little bit of music here and there, mostly short items in dramatic moments, however the sport usually depends on glorious use of environmental sounds to stay your ears interested. This game is unquestionably price golf shot on the headphones for.

Monument valley PC game Download

Monument valley PC game Download

Monument valley PC game Download

File name
Monument valley
File size
Windows XP, Vista or All Windows
Pentium 4 1.0GHz
1GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
Free Disk Space
256 MB
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Monument valley

Updated: May 15, 2014 — 7:35 am

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