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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Battlefield 2 Full Version Game Free Download  For Pc with crack
Battlefield 2 Full Version Game Free Download  For Pc with crack

Battlefield 2 Discription:
Battlefield 2 full game could be a multiplayer game contend via the net or on space|a neighborhood} area ne2rk. A single-player mode with 3 problem levels is enclosed. each player modes use constant maps and use battlefield's 2 full game conquest game mode. Single-player mode permits sixteen pc controlled players whereas web mode permits up to sixty four players. Players will prefer to play because the us USMC, the People's Liberation Army, or the "Middle japanese Coalition". extra factions ar playable through the enlargement packs, like the ecu Union. Progress within the game is created via promotions which permit extra weapons to be unlatched. By taking part in the sport on hierarchical  servers, players ar able to augment their world player statistics. These statistics ar wont to award promotions and alternative achievements.
Battlefield 2 Full Version Game Free Download

A console branded version additionally exists for the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2, named battlefield 2 full game: trendy Combat. though they each share constant name and setting, they take issue significantly in execution, content, and gameplay. 
Battlefield 2 Full Version Game

In battlefield 2 full game, players ar divided into 2 opposing groups (which factions they represent depends upon the map). The key objective in battlefield 2 full game is to scale back the opposing groups tickets. Tickets represent associate army's ability to strengthen their position on the battlefield 2 full game; every team has solely a restricted provide of tickets, and every casualty on the battlefield 2 full game reduces the amount of obtainable tickets. management points represent key points on the map, and ar diagrammatic by flags. management points ar battlefield 2's full game spawn points, and one team possessing a big majority of the management points causes the opposite groups tickets to step by step decrease, no matter casualties. A spherical ends once one team's tickets gone, the round's timer ends, or if at any purpose a team holds no management points, and has no troopers alive on the battlefield 2 full game (meaning they're not gift in any means on the battlefield).
battlefield 2's 2 game modes ar Conquest and Cooperative. the sole distinction between the 2 modes is that Cooperative includes pc controlled players, while Conquest permits solely human players. Results from Cooperative mode don't count toward world player statistics.
Battlefield 2 Free Download  For Pc with crack

 Battlefield 2 Minimum system requirements:
File name
battlefield 2
File size
1.92 GB
Microsoft Windows XP/vista/7/8
P4 vista/Dual core/i3/i5 1.7Ghz
512 GB
Free Disk Space
3.7 GB
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